Anonymous VPN Services

All about anonymous surfing

Anonymous Surfing

Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista™ Compatible

Protection Beyond Anti-Virus and Firewall Programs
Anonymous Surfing protects your privacy and your identity by preventing cyber criminals from detecting your personal information and tracking your online activities.
Does Anonymizer Software Hide My IP Address?
Anonymous Surfing enables anonymous Web browsing which hides your IP address so online snoops are unable to track the sites you visit and build profiles on your Internet activities. By redirecting your Web traffic through our secure servers, your online identity is protected. Our servers are armed with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, similar to that of your bank.
How Else Does Anonymizer Software Protect Me?
Additionally, Anonymous Surfing also protects you from inadvertently visiting Web sites that are known to be phishing, pharming, or spyware sites. If you unknowingly attempt to visit one of these sites, a warning page will display to notify you of the hidden dangers that are lurking ahead.
How Does Anonymous Surfing Protect Against Phishing, Pharming and Evil Twin Attacks?
Engineered with your protection in mind, Anonymizer’s anonymous web browsing capabilities are among the safest and most secure available for consumers. Because there is a need for more than just another IP hider for anonymous Web browsing, Anonymous Surfing includes much more protection for you.
Phishing threats lure unsuspecting email recipients into clicking a link in an email that appears to be from their bank. The email asks them to update their account information. However, these clever scams are simply trying to steal your personal information, credit card information, and more.
Anonymous Surfing has a real-time anti-phishing feed that integrates into your Web browser protecting you against phishing scams. Updated every fifteen minutes, this added protection automatically displays a warning to notify you that you are being led to a known phishing site.
Pharming attacks are similar to phishing in nature, but they don’t rely on you clicking on a fraudulent email. Pharming attacks are even more dangerous because they are able to redirect you to a fraudulent Web site even if you type the URL into your Internet browser.
Anonymous Surfing protects against pharming threats by routing all of your Internet traffic through our hardened, secure servers. In addition, when you have Anonymous Surfing activated, your Host file is never accessed so even if it’s corrupted, you will still arrive at your intended destination safely.
Evil Twins
Evil twins trick wireless users into connecting a laptop or PDA to a tainted hotspot by posing as a legitimate wi-fi provider. Once you connect to their wireless network, the evil twins can watch your online activities and steal your confidential information such as account numbers and passwords.
Anonymous Surfing protects against evil twins by routing all of your Internet traffic through our secure servers, thus bypassing the fraudulent hotspot.
Is There an Enterprise Version?
Yes! The requirements of the enterprise sector are different than a consumer so specific products have been developed for you such as anonymous Web harvesting and open source intelligence. Please visit the enterprise or government pages for more information.


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