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1. Introduction to VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
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Some Oxford University online resources (particularly web pages) can only be accessed by computers that are directly connected to the Oxford University campus network. These restricted services include:

* Many electronic library resources such as TDNET, OxLIP and WebSPIRS
* OXAM (Oxford Examination Papers Online)
* Some departmental and college pages, e.g. some OUCS Shop pricelists

In addition, you cannot access files via Microsoft file-sharing unless you are using a computer directly connected to the Oxford University Network.

Access to restricted resources from outside the campus network is provided via the OUCS Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service. A VPN connection provides yor computer with “virtual” connection to the campus network – it then behaves exactly as it would if you were actually on-campus.

You don’t need to use the VPN service if:

* You are only accessing unrestricted services such as email, OLIS etc.
* You are connecting via the OUCS low-speed dial-up service.

You cannot use the VPN service if:

* Your are using a machine in an internet cafe, public library etc. where you are not allowed to install new software.
* Your Internet Service Provider blocks the use of VPN. The local networks at some other educational and commercial establishments do block VPN access. We also find that many AOL users are unable to use VPN.


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